I know a lot of authors who understand the need for a fabulous website, but struggle to develop one, or dread redeveloping theirs. I've been around the block over the years. I had a wonderful designer who developed both the first and second iterations of the (since hacked) Reflection's Edge, and though I loved them, the maintenance was more than a little time-intensive, and I had to learn a lot of (basic, but challenging for me) coding. I also certainly learned the lesson of un-updated Word Press installations, which allowed for the security vulnerabilities that ultimately destroyed that website. (I was able to retrieve almost every story in late 2016 in a thrilling recovery after well over a year's worth of work attempting to recover the website, and plan to up a small revised website in the future with a simple archive.)

But that was a whole other era - one when you had to understand at last basic html and a lot of database management. No more. The availability of modern templates and simple interfaces has made it possible for pretty much everyone, and many of these websites take care of you security-wise by constantly updating. For that using I'm using SquareSpace, and honestly, I can't recommend it enough. It's simple, beautiful, and easy to update, with a plethora of options from templates to design. My life is pretty busy right now, so I'm keeping it simple, but as I have time, it's easy to build it out. 

If you haven't already built your website and are shopping around, I highly recommend it. But I'm also interested in hearing what others have used successfully. What worked for you (or didn't)?